Meet the Founder and Owner of LMWM

Dr. Jamal Younes


Diving was his favorite hobby in his childhood while growing up in Tyre, a peninsula known for its rich history and ties to the sea, it’s distinguished for having both sandy and rocky beaches, creating a unique and rich ecosystem.

He was always attracted to the beauty of the marine life, and he always thought of how he could preserve these creatures instead of having to go dive every time he longed for the sea and its creatures.
When he grew up and traveled to study orthodontics in Europe, during his studies the idea would always come to mind especially during the autopsy lessons where he saw the bodies being preserved and having maintaining their size and shape despite the long period of death. By coincidence he got to know a taxidermist specializing only in wildlife and birds after that he obtained a diploma in taxidermy.
After his graduation and opening a clinic for orthodontics in Tyre, he would go out diving usually alone at night, looking to find something new to add to his collection and as time passed he amassed the biggest collection of stuffed marine and wildlife in the Middle East, which is the basis of his Museum (The Lebanese Marine and Wildlife Museum) the museum contains more than 5000 specimens.