Working at the Museum

The museum spans a broad range of careers, from entry-level to professional including curatorial, conservation, development, education and exhibits, finance, human resources, information systems, marketing and communications, operations and visitor services. 

The Museum is an exciting place to be and we also have rewarding opportunities for Interns and work study students.


The Museum has welcomed students from across the nation to participate in our Internship Program. Previous interns have had opportunities to work in a variety of areas including development, education and exhibits, and research and collections.

The Museums Internship Program is a prearranged and structured learning experience. The experience must be relevant to the interns academic and professional goals and in line with the Museum’s mission and focus. Interns will also be delegated general administrative duties, and should have strong writing and research skills.

Thank you for your interest in working for our museum family!

For more info on work opportunities or internships, please contact Dr. Jamal Younes +961 (0)3 246 317 or